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I write crap code, and so can you!

I am a software developer and I write crap code. If you are a software developer or you are looking to be a software developer, than you already write or will write crap code too!

At this point you are probably saying something like: "But wait I don't write crap code! My code is tested and peer reviewed..." Well you just said it yourself. The code you write has tests and is peer reviewed. If you wrote perfect, great code then you would not need to write tests or have it peer reviewed, right? Have you ever written code that didn't have tests or wasn't peer reviewed? Did it work first try?

As software developers and future software developers let's all be honest with each other and just say we all write crap code and that will never change. We will always need to test are code and have it peer reviewed at the very minimum. I say this out of love too. Once we all admit this the better we will get at writing clean, stable, and maintaible code.

That's it. We all write crap code and so do you!

Thanks for reading!

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